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    Kerala All Set to be First Total Ayurveda and Homoeo State

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala is all set to become the first state in the country to have Ayurveda and Homoeopathy systems in all the panchayats.

    The state would achieve this unique feat by bringing the remaining five panchayats under Ayurveda and around 40 under Homeopathy.

    “The government, right from the beginning, has been promoting traditional systems of medicine in the state. Now, ayurveda dispensaries have to be opened in only five more panchayats and homeopathy dispensaries in less than 40,” Health Minister V S Sivakumar said.

    Expressing hope that the process will be complete within a few months- before the tenure of the UDF Government ends- he said that Kerala was going to become a total ayurveda state soon. On starting the Homeopathy dispensaries in the remaining panchayats, he said the government had taken all necessary steps in this regard.

    Meanwhile, AYUSH secretary M Beena said that the mission would be complete with the setting up of few more Homeopathy dispensaries. As far as Ayurveda dispensaries are concerned, only a few panchayats are left, she said, and added that the government was taking all efforts to achieve the goal.

    “It was government policy to strengthen the traditional system of medicine in the state. A separate AYUSH Department was set up exclusively for the development of traditional medicines,” Sivakumar said and added that all the dispensaries that were started have been functioning well.

    However, there is still a dearth of Ayurveda dispensaries, run directly under the Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) Department, in state. Ayurveda Medical Association of India general secretary Dr.Rejith Anand said that, though the government efforts are laudable, it should see to it that all the dispensaries are brought under the ISM.

    “Now there are slight disparities in about 200  panchayats. These should also be brought under the department and only after that we can claim to have become a total ayurveda state,” he said.
    The establishment of Ayurveda and Homeopathy dispensaries in all the panchayats was a long-pending demand. It has to be noted that the previous LDF Government had also mooted such a proposal and taken some lead in the direction.

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    1. On behalf of international naturopathy association we welcome the policy of the kerala govt to promote alternative medical system and appreciate the acievement.
      A.V.Selvaraj,state committee chairman ,INO,tamilnadu


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