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    Samuel Hahnemann and Freemasonry

                When I was reading a book “The Lost Symbol” authored by Dan Brown, which was suggested by my better half, I was intrigued by Freemasonry. And I started browsing for information about the society.
    No one knows with certainty how or when the Masonic Fraternity was formed. A widely accepted theory among Masonic scholars is that it arose from the stonemasons’ guilds during the Middle Ages.
                It was interesting to find that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin are Master Masons.  Dan Brown has given some interesting information about the U.S. Capitol building. The building was constructed by Freemasons and the corner stone for the building was laid out by the Master Mason – George Washington in full Masonic ritual. Also the architect of the building Pierre L’Enfant was also a freemason.
                But what all this has to do with Homeopathy? When I was surfing through the famous masons’ list, guess what I found? Bingo!! Our founder Samuel Hahnemann was a freemason. I found it much more intriguing and started to read more details about the organization. Thanks to Dan Brown.
                Masonic society involves no particular religion. They believe in a higher power and the Masons do not impose specific definitions or name on the higher power. Rather than definitive theological identities, the Masons use more general term like Supreme Being or Great Architect of the Universe. The entire Masonic philosophy is built on honesty and integrity. Masons are among the most trustworthy men you could ever hope to meet.
                The legend about the freemasonry claims that the freemasons carried a secret wisdom since the ancient times and it is passed on through ages. According to Dan Brown, the secret wisdom apparently having come out of the mystery schools in early Egypt was entrusted to an elite group of scientists within the walls of Europe’s premier scientific think tank – the Royal Society of London – enigmatically nicknamed the Invisible College. This concealed knowledge quickly became a brain trust of the world’s most enlightened minds – those of Sir Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Robert Boyle, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, Hawking, Bohr, Celsius…  No wonder guys, these great minds have made quantum leaps in scientific world. Advances that, according to some, were the result of their exposure to ancient wisdom. 
                And our founder Hahnemann has also made a quantum leap in the field of medicine. A breakthrough in the medical philosophy. Now all this leaves us wondering about the Ancient Secret Wisdom. 
    Can the legend be true? .................

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