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    Samuel Hahnemann - A Free Mason

           Hahnemann was a member of a Lodge of Free Masons.”( The index of the Brothers of the Masonic Lodge "St. Andreas zu den drei Seeblättern" contains the following : Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, born at Meissen in Saxony in 1755.
    Status : Candidatus Med. and Librarian to S.E.  the Governor. Religion : Protestant. Admitted to First Degree, 16th October, 1777. The index of the Brothers forms an appendix to Ferd. Von Zieglauer's history of the Masonic Lodge "St. Andreas zu den drei Seeblättern", published in Hermannstadt 1767-1790, in the archives of the Society for historical knowledge of Siebenburgen. N.F.  Vol. XIII, p. 62ff. : Hahnemann's name is to be found on p. 66 under No. 41.----{Haehl Richard, Samuel Hahnemann, His life and work Vol II}) It becomes obvious that Freemasonry influenced him, for on the title page of his "Bible of Homeopathy-ORGANON" are two interesting words -- Aude-Sapere. Where did that come from? What does it mean? The motto of Freemasonry is Aude Sapere which means, Dare To Be Wise. Hahnemann "borrowed" the Masonic motto and placed it on the title page of his "Organon"

    Martin Gumpert wrote a book entitled, Hahnemann: The Adventurous Career of a Medical Rebel. In this book it reveals that Hahnemann studied and delighted in the teachings of a Swiss occult medical philosopher named Paracelsus (1493-1541). Paracelsus developed a medical philosophy that combined the esoteric occult teachings of the Cabala with the facts and fancies of science. His "medical" philosophy was occult oriented without a doubt. The teachings of Paracelsus stimulated Hahnemann's thinking and he developed some of his doctrine based on the occult teachings of Paracelsus. Hahnemann was drawn like a magnet to occult ideas and the teachings of Franz Mesmer.  Mesmerism
                Franz Mesmer (1733-1815) was a Swiss-German physician who founded the doctrine of animal magnetism, often called mesmerism. What Mesmer uncovered was actually an occult art that had been used for centuries by Shamans (witch doctors) to bring people under their control. Mesmer learned the technique that allowed him to produce an abnormal condition resembling sleep in another person. During this state, the mind of the individual remained passive and was subject to the will of the operator. Mesmer used this hypnotic state to heal patients that were sick. In fact, in his Homeopathic Bible, the Organon, Hahnemann compared the similarities between the practice of homeopathy and mesmerism. Consider this quote from the 6th edition of the Organon --I find it yet necessary to allude here to animal magnetism, as it is defined, or rather Mesmerism. [...] It is a marvelous, priceless gift of God [...] by means of which the strong will of a well-intentioned  person upon a sick one by contact and even without this and even at some distance, can bring the vital energy of the healthy mesmerizer endowed with this power into another person dynamically [...] The above mentioned methods of practicing mesmerism depend upon an influx of more or less vital force into the patient [...]"

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