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    BHMS Admissions simultaneously with MBBS counseling

    The National Commission for Homoeopathy has issued a significant notification aimed at addressing the declining interest among NEET aspirants in opting for homoeopathic courses.

    This notification emphasizes conducting counseling for admission in Homoeopathy Graduate Degree Course (B.H.M.S) simultaneously with MBBS counseling to streamline the admission process and save valuable time for students. Despite the availability of numerous NEET-qualified candidates, some seats in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges remain vacant, indicating a need for proactive measures to attract more students to homoeopathy.

    Key Points:

    1. Simultaneous Counseling:

       The decision to conduct counseling for homoeopathy courses concurrently with MBBS counseling is a strategic move to simplify the admission process and benefit students. By aligning the counseling schedules, students can explore both homoeopathic and allopathic options simultaneously, making informed decisions about their career paths.

    2. Directives for Time-Bound Counseling:

       State Counseling authorities/Boards will receive directives to ensure time-bound counseling as per the schedule. This proactive approach aims to streamline the admission process, minimize delays, and provide clarity to aspiring students.

    3. Addressing Disinclination among NEET Aspirants:

       Despite the availability of NEET-qualified candidates, there is a general disinclination among students towards homoeopathic courses. This trend has resulted in vacant seats in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges. To counter this, colleges are advised to implement targeted initiatives to motivate science stream students to consider homoeopathy as a viable career option.

    4. Initiatives for Motivation:

       Colleges are encouraged to undertake various activities to promote homoeopathic courses among science stream students. These initiatives may include organizing educational workshops in schools, distributing informational material about NEET and homoeopathic courses, and engaging knowledgeable speakers to address queries and concerns.

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