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    Tamil Nadu MRB AMO Homoeopathy Question Paper - 2022

    Dear Readers,

                           Here we have provided some of the questions that appeared in the Tamil Nadu MRB exam for AMO Homoeopathy held on 21-08-2022. Kindly update these questions and other question with answers and option to reach us at anbudansathish@gmail.com or write in the comment section or using contact us options
         1.      Subacrobian bursa lies below?

    2.      Musculocutaneous nerve supply which muscles in correct order in front of arm?

    3.      Retro mammary space seperate breast from?

    4.      Boger synoptic key published in year?

    5.      Robert rheumatic medicine repertory consist how many medicines?

    6.      Rubric Haemorrhoids present under which section in BTPB repertory?

    7.      Rubric Constitution present under which section in BBCR repertory?

    8.      Rubric Cholera present under which section in Kent repertory?

    9.      Rubric old age and senility present under which section in BBCR repertory?

    10.  Coffee bean nuclei present in

    a)    Brenner tumor 

    b)   Endometrio ovarian tumor

    11.  Medicine which prepared from Brim stone

    a) Sulphur

    12.  Medicine which prepared from toasted sponge

    a) Spongia

    13.  Which is carbon of animal remedy

    a.Carbo veg

    b.Carbo animalis

    14.  Coffea cruda prepared from

    a)      Dried seeds 

    b)      Nuts

    15.  Diet and regimen for acute disease given in which aphorism

    a) 259-263

    16.  Who wrote i discovered that BBCR is real gold mine for all kinds of symptoms

    a)    Clarke

    a)    Dario spinedi

    17.  Kusmaul sign is feature of all condition except 

    a)    Cardiac tamponade

    b)   Constrictive pericarditis

    c)    Pulmonary hypertension

    d)   Right ventricular (? failure )

    18.  Unhealthy and dirty skin appears in which miasm

    19.  Ptosis of eyelid present in which miasm

    a) Syphilis

    20.  Fifth edition of Organon published in the year

    a)         1833

    21.  Anemia in pregnancy may leads to

    a)    Spontaneous abortion

    b)   Preterm delivery

    c)    Pre eclampsia

    22.  Objective and realistic in modern world  explained by

    a)    Lord bacon

    b)   Rene Descartes

    23.  Which medicine prepared from poison of honey bee

    a) Apis

    24.  Sural nerve is the branch of

    a) Peroneal Nerve

    25.  Thickest nerve in our body

    a) Sciatic Nerve

    26.  Which is false about great saphenous vein

    a)    Longest 

    b)   Thickest

    c)    Present superficially

    d)   Present deeply


    27.  Amoebic Dysentery stool colour

    a)       Dark Red

    28.  Amoebiasis Pus Colour

    a)       Chocolate Brown

    29.  Trypanosoma Cruzi causes

    a)       Chaga’s Disease

    30.  Body Cavity is present in

    a)       Nematodes

    31.  Taenia Saginata

    a)       Cysticercus bovis

    32.  Casoni’s Reaction

    a)       Dog Tape worm

    33.  Incubation Period for filiariasis


    34.  Largest Nematode

    a)       Ascaris Lumbricoides

    35.  Trophozite to cyst

    a)       Encystation

    36.  Amoebic Dysentery stool colour

    a)       Dark Red

    37.  Prolongation of temporary ectoplasmic process seen in

    a)       Rhizopodea – Pseudopodia

    38.  Fournier’s Gangrene

    a)       Scrotal Gangrene

    39.  Phagedenic Ulcer

    a)       Tropical Ulcer

    40.  Ideal age for surgery of undescended testis


    41.  Saphenous vein


    42.  Regional lymph node non tender and hard in


    43.  Which benign tumor does not become malignant tumor

    a)      Ganglion

    44.  Isopathy products are prepared from

    a)              Similar diseases

    b)             Dissimilar diseases

    c)              Same Diseases

    45.  Intra Dermal

    a)       BCG

    46.  Wheat germ oil

    a)       Vitamin B

    47.  Secritin Inhibits gastric motility


    48.  Secritin is a 27 aminoacid


    49.  Massage

    a)       290

    50.  Complete repertory by

    a)       Roger van zandwort

    51.  Psora is derived from

    a)       Greek

    52.  Times of remedies by Boger

    a)       1910

    53.  Gentry Medicine

    a)       420

    54.  Calendula

    a)       Marigold

    55.  Socrates poisoned by

    a)       Hemlock

    56.  Nitro-glycerine

    a)       Glonine

    57.  Poison Tobacco


    58.  Urine involuntary when coughing, sneezing

    a)       Caust.

    59.  Intense photophobia without inflammation

    a)       Conium

    60.  Chorea puberty with delayed menstruation

    a)       Caulophyllum

    61.  Can’t sleep without legs crossed

    a)       Rhododendron

    62.  Asteris Rubens

    a)       Star fish

    63.  Which is not a metal

    a)       Stannum

    b)       Selenium

    c)       Merurius

    d)      Cuprum

    64.  Extreme hunger even when stomach is full

    a)       Staphysagria

    65.  Acute Granular Conjunctivitis

    a)       Arg. Nit.

    66.  Eye strain from sewing

    a)       Arg. Nit

    b)       Ruta

    c)       Nat. mur


    67.  Inactivity of rectum, soft stool requires great strain

    a)       Alumina

    68.  Nail separated from nail bed

    a)       Oncholyosis

    69.  Medicinal Part of coffea cruda

    a)       Beans

    70.  Mumps

    a)       Paramyxovirus

    71.  Cancrum oris

    a)       Borellia vincenti

    72.  Incubation period of polio

    a)       7-14 days

    73.  Difficult dentition, restlessness with pale face and sour smell

    a)       Rheum

    74.  Typical tuberculosis lung

    a)       Bacillinum

    75.  How many days can live without  water and food


    76.  GOBI Campign

    a)       UNICEF

    77.  What is 9 points of 20 points


    78.  Child near mother in hospital

    a)       Rooming in

    79.  IgA Nephropathy is also called as

    a)       Berger’s Disease

    80.  Cu

    a)       Chalosis

    81.  Cherry Red

    a)       CO Poisoning

    82.  Artificial Injury


    83.  Indian Mother milk level in breast feeding?


    84.  Spots before the eyes

    a)       Psora

    85.  Synthetic Repertory Medicines

    a)       1594

    86.  What is false about Synthetic Repertory?

    a)       Barthel and Klunker

    b)       5 volumes

    87.  II Volume of Synthetic Repertory does not contain this chapter

    a)       Sleep

    b)       Pulse

    c)       Desires & Aversions


    If you remember any other questions or to correct and update the above questions, send us email at anbudansathish@gmail.com

    Contributed by:
    Dr.Suresh, BHMS
    Dr.Vanitha, BHMS
    Dr.Baskar, BHMS
    Dr.Poongodi, BHMS

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