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    Nexus 2020 - Webinar, Organized by MNR Homoeo Medical College, Hyderabad

    MNR Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Sangareddy, Telangana organizes Nexus 2020 - Free Webinar for the Doctors, Teaching Faculty, UG / PG Students

    Date: 04-06-2020 to 13-06-2020

    Time: 07.30pm to 08.30pm daily

    Topic and Speakers: 

    04-06-2020 (Thursday):

    MDR TB & Homoeopathic Management -
    Dr.S.Praveen Kumar, MD(HOM), Ph.D., International Faculty Retired Principal - ISPS Govt. HMC, Hyderabad

    05-06-2020 (Friday): 

    Homoeopathy Beyond Science -

    Dr S.G.Biju, MD(HOM), Winner of Best Homeopathy Doctor Award, Govt. of Kerala

    06-06-2020 (Saturday): 

    Hormonal Disorders and its Repertorial Approach -

    Dr.Gaurang Gaikwad, MD(HOM), Internationally Acclaimed Homeopath An Eminent Teacher and Master of Repertory

    07-06-2020 (Sunday): 

    Amazing Cases in Homoeopathy

    Dr.Ajit Kulkarni, MD(HOM), Director of Homoeopathic Research Institute, Satara & Pune

    08-06-2020 (Monday): 

    Common Skin Complaints in Infants and Children & Its Homoeopathic Management -

    Dr.Manilal.S, MD(HOM), Principal and Research Director, MNR HMC Hyderabad

    09-06-2020 (Tuesday): 

    Autism & its Homoeopathic Management -

    Dr.R.Vijay Anand, MD(HOM), Professor and HOD, Dept of Homoeo. Pharmacy, Sri Sairam HMC

    10-06-2020 (Wednesday): 

    Hypertension & its Homoeopathic Management -

    Dr.Kulwant Singh, MD(Hom)., Principal Singhbhum HMC, Jamshedpur

    11-06-2020 (Thursday): 

    Case Study of Large Endometrial Polyp -

    Dr.Subash Singh, MD(HOM), Ph.D., Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata

    12-06-2020 (Friday): 

    COVID-19&its Homoeopathic Management -

    Dr.R.Amar Bodhi, MD(HOM), Associate Professor, Dept. of Homoeo. Pharmacy Dr.B.R.Sur HMC, New Delhi

    13-06-2020 (Saturday):

    Homoeopathic Management of Disorders of Ear, Nose and Throat -

    Dr.K.C.Prasobh Kumar, MD (HOM), CMO, Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala

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    E-Certificates will be mailed to all the participants

    Contact: 9447246990, 7093331774, 7995682124

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