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    Good Health and Homeopathy, Webseries Launched by Dr.Mukesh Batra

    In an effort to educate, spread awareness and correct the plethora of medical misinformation available on the internet, Dr.Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri recipient and renowned Homeopath, launched an interesting and informative web-series from 7th March, 2019. Each week, the series - 'Good Health and Homeopathy' will air every Thursday at 9 PM across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, and will tackle a different ailment that affects the lives of people in India.

    With a wealth of experience carefully accumulated over 45 years in the field of medicine, Dr. Batra believes that the key to happiness is to lead a healthy life. He also believes that most ailments today are lifestyle related and can be easily remedied through self-governance.

    Speaking about the launch of the web-series, Dr. Mukesh Batra said, "I feel that providing people with the right information about preventive care is much more effective than tackling ailments later. Having treated over 1 million patients, we have always been committed to providing holistic healthcare treatments. The web-series is an extension of that commitment. We aim to reach over 25 million people in the next one year and enable them to lead a happy and healthy life. With each like and share, we are spreading the message of happiness. It will enable us to change a large number of lives across the nation."

    The 12-part informative web-series will provide information on the causes, symptoms, self-help tips and suggested remedies for different ailments such as Hair fall, Skincare - Eczema, Acne, Fungal Infections, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Depression, Obesity and PCOS, to name a few.

    To stay healthy and happy, watch 'Good Health and Homeopathy' every Thursday at 9 PM; Click Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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