Tamil Nadu MRB AMO Homoeopathy Question Paper - 2017

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                       Here we have provided some of the questions that appeared in the Tamil Nadu MRB exam for AMO Homoeopathy. Kindly update these questions and other question with answers and option to reach us at anbudansathish@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/kshomeopathy

1.Fever Paroxysms at 11am and 11pm
       A)    Ipecac        B) Apis
       B)    Ars Alb
2. Which is not a motor function of Stomach
       A) Receiving             B) Storage
       C) Mixing            D) Emptying

3.    Grief or Misdeeds of others
4.    Which nerve pierces the coracobrachalis
5.    Menaquinone and Phylloquinone is the name of which vitamin
6.    Which is the wear and tear pigment
7.    This  is not the harmstring group of muscles
8.    Monge’s Disease is also called as
9.    5th Disease is
10.    In hanging Death occurs with in ____ without fracture of Cervical vertebrae
11.    Medicine prepared from flower bud
12.    Medicine prepared from Snake Poison
13.    Synonym for Nux Vomica
14.    Dinner fork deformity occurs due to fracture of
15.    Mother of all the Chronic miasm
16.    Mc. Naughten rule IPC section
17.    Medical Negligence section
18.    Tuberculin Test is introduced by
19.    Hypodermic needles introduced by
20.    Trapezius is not attached to
21.    Base of the Scalene Triangle is formed by
22.    Death Sentence with liable to fine IPC
23.    Post mortem changes of lung in fresh water drowning
24.    Lumbago alternates headache and piles -  medicine
25.    Icterus with Pneumonia especially of right lung  - medicine
26.    Pain in bellies of Musles - Medicine
27.    Headache of Students with eyestrain at night work - Medicine
28.    Scralet rash erythematous changes in the impetigo contagiosa - Medicine
29.    Transverse colon lies like a pad - Medicine
30.    Diarrhoea like olive - Medicine
31.    Insanity or Mania of acute attack is treated by
32.    Health promotion Logo consists of
33.    Amniotic Fluid at the term of pregnancy is
34.    Considered as intra uterine death before ____ weeks
35.    Common cause of abortion during second trimester
36.    Martorells Ulcer is ____ Type
37.    In which year American Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia was published
38.    Fluoric Acid is Stored in _____ Bottle
39.    Methylated spirit is prepared by adding ______ with methylated spirit
40.    Austin flint murmur is seen in
41.    Incubation period of dengue fever is
42.    Which nerve is injured in fracture of neck of humerus
43.    Von Ebner's glandsfound in
          A)    Mouth        B) Tongue
          B)    Ileum        C) Jejunum
44.    Foot drop occurs due to damage of which nerve
45.    Thick Mucus, Red or brown bran sediment occurs in _____ Drug
46.    Measeles is also called as
47.    Chicken pox is caused by
48.    Reservoir of Yellow fever is
49.    kyasanur  disease is transmitted by a carrier
50.    Florence Test results with
51.    This is not a test for Blood Stain
         A)    Barbiero's test            B) Takayama test
52.    Cork Screw appearance in angiography occurs in
53.    Preparation of Class VI A include
54.    Boeninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book Published in the year
55.    Homoeopathic Medical Repertory was Published by
56.    Card index repertory and general analysis was written by
57.    Repertorium Universale was published by
58.    HIV Virus is a type of
         A)    Retro Virus            B) Arbo Virus
59.    "True some men do some good work without the repertory but they also do poor work more     than    they would do with it" was said by
         A) Kent

60. Indolent patients-ans aphorism 97
61. Partograph is used to measure-uterine contractions
62. accumulation of fat on cells -steatosis
63. most problematic patient in case taking is 
    A) Hypochondriac patients.       B) Mental Patients
64. Black widow spider  
     A)Lactrodectus macans.        B) Aranea Diaderma
65. Synonym for abruptio placento except - placenta previa
66. Cardinal signs of inflammation discovered by -          A) Celsus     B) Virchow
67. Cause for first trimester abortion 
     A) Chromosomal abnormalities           B) Anaemia
68. Cause for second trimester abortion - uterine anomalies
69. cry for liberty.....
70. The other word used to replace the word motto        A) Aude sapere

Contributed by: 
Dr.S.Prabu, BHMS.,
Dr.J.Antony Rozario, MD.,
Dr. Geetha Priya, BHMS.,


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  1. Question no 1-ans cedron
    Question no 3-ans nat mur
    Question no 6-ans lipofuscin
    Question no 12-ans chelone
    Qstn no 21-ans first thoracic rib
    Qstn no 24-ans aloes
    Qstn no 25-ans bryonia
    Qstn no 26-ans mag phos
    Question no 27-Ans Ruta
    Qstn no 30-ans chelidonium
    Qstn no 45-ans sarasparilla
    Qstn no 55-ans robin murphy
    Qstn no 56-ans jugal kishore
    Question no 58-Ans Retrovirus

  2. Snow storm appearance in usg Hydatiform mole.

  3. Continuous machinery murmur patent ductus arteriosus

  4. Exposure to vinyl chlorine. Causes_

  5. Commonest sign of hyperthyroidism in older patients

  6. Normal adult men requirement of vitamin a

  7. Bitot s spot which deficiency

  8. Other name for lesbianism

  9. Bandls ring- obstructed labour

  10. Mugging strangulation caused by holding victim neck in the bend of elbow

  11. thank you dr for posting this q paper

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