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    JSPS Govt. Homoeo College to conduct CME Programmes as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations

    Hyderabad: In view of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of JSPS Government Homoeopathic Medical College, it is going to conduct Continuing Medical Education (CME) programmes for Homoeopathy doctors across Telangana.

    The practice of holding CME was so far confined to allopathic doctors.
    The CME helps those in the medical field maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field.

    The two colleges Jaisoorya Homoeo Medical College and Potti Sreeramulu Homoeo Medical College were started in 1967 by Dr N Krishna Rao and Sri Moturi Hanmantha Rao under private managements. Both colleges were taken over by the government in 1972 and were merged later in 1979 and was named as Dr Jaisoorya and Potti Sreeramulu  (JSPS) Government Homoeopathic Medical College  which is located at Ramanthapur in city.

    Prof Dr Linga Raju, principal of the college said to popularise the Homoeopathy medicines and making awareness about this among the public, medical camps would be conducted in September across the State with the participation of Homoeopathy doctors who were once the students of the college.

    The Principal said, ``For the preparation of qualitative Homoeopathic medicine, the college established own manufacturing Pharma Industry with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate. The Government of India declared the college as a Model College in the year 2000.

    Medicines are distributed to the Homoeopathy clinics across the state from this pharma industry.” Dr Linga Raju said, ``Homoeopathy treats the man and not the disease. We give medicine to men, not to the disease. Medicine depends on the individuality of patient. This is the theory of Homoeopathy.”

    In 2015, the college had conducted an In Vitro study on a medicine which was discovered by Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann 175 years ago. Clarifying the controversy over the claim that Homoeopathy medicine cures HIV permanently, Dr Linga Raju said, `` We did not claim that it is permanent cure of HIV/AIDS.

    The medicine would only control the HIV. The quality life of the patients improves immensely.” For this medicine, patients come not only from Andhra Pradesh but also states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

    Further, he said along with treating other diseases, the college has established a Non-Communicable Disease clinic to treat Hypertension, Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and Psychological Problems.
    Dr N Linga Raju has installed the Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann Monument, a German Physician who discovered Homoeopathy, at the college premises. This kind of monument is the third in the world, the first is in Germany, second one is in the United States of America, he said.

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