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    Kerala Veterinarians to try out Homoeo Treatment on Animals

    THRISSUR: Even as the efficacy of Homoeo treatment has triggered a heated debate among the members of the medical fraternity, with a section of the Allopathy doctors going as far as to term it nothing more than mere ‘Placebo’ effect, some Veterinarians
    are exploring the possibility of its use in animals. And it is the Chalakkudy-based Charitable Society for Holistic Veterinary Medicine which is pioneering the efforts in this regard.

    Dr.K.V.Sukumaran, national president of the society and a Veterinary surgeon by training, said Homoeo medicine was effective in animals also.

    “Human beings have recourse to allopathy, ayurveda, homoeopathy and unani streams of medicine. If one stream of medicine proved ineffective, then they can always try out another one easily. But the animals have only Allopathy. However, Homoeopathy is pretty effective in animals also,” he said.

    According to Dr.Sukumaran, “If  humans and animals show the same symptoms, then doctors can prescribe Homoeo medicines for animals. Homoeo doctors cannot treat animals since they do not study the physiology and anatomy of animals. But Veterinary doctors know the physiology and anatomy of animals. So, if they are able to acquire knowledge of Homoeopathy they can treat the animals.

    The cost of the Homoeo treatment is considerably low and it does not use antibiotics, either”.

    Charitable Society for Holistic Veterinary Medicine includes the students of the inaugural batch of Veterinary Homoeopathy PG certificate course started by Kerala Veterinary University this year. Of  the 82 Vets, who completed the certificate course, 41 are now employed in government service and 21 have retired from  service, while 20 are outside the state.
    Sukumaran also claimed it was due to the efforts of the Society, established on 1 January, 2014, that the Veterinary varsity started the Veterinary Homoeopathy PG certificate course.

    The Society, meanwhile organised a two-day National Science Seminar on alternative treatments for animals at Athirappilly near here.

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