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    Homeopath Parimal Banerji Explains Origin of Life in New Book

    KOLKATA: Paving a new path in the field of the biosciences, eminent homeopath Parimal Banerji shared his discovery on the origin of life at the launch of his book, 'Discovery Of The Source Of Life Force' throwing light on the enigma of life
    called Life-Force. The book was launched on Monday by governor, Keshari Nath Tripathi.

    Over the past few decades, Banerji has carried out extensive research on the subject: The Origin of Life or Source of Life - Force which scientists across the globe have been striving to discover since the beginning of civilization. Hypotheses and facts about how the organs and cells work are known but why they function and what the energy is or the force behind them could not be established.

    This book will provide a breakthrough in medical world and an exploration in the human quest for the ultimate.

    Banerji discovered a new molecular energy, ASA (Anubik Shakti Abarta) Supra molecular energy, which has revolutionized many concepts of physics.

    Speaking on the occasion Banerji said, "Anubik Shakti Abarta is a special type of molecular energy which remains in very high dilutions and can exist for an indefinite period even in concentration much beyond 1 in decillion. Molecular composition in each cell in our human body varies widely, which creates the constitution of men so different from each other and are responsible for their individual behaviors, intellect, mental capabilities, memory, manifestation or resistance to diseases, immunity, genetic effects, physical structures, etc. Explanation to all these has taken the life science to a very advanced status with the creation of a new horizon."

    Banerji has been working in search of the source of life-force in the living organisms since the beginning of his medical education. It has remained undiscovered despite extensive researches being carried out by the biosicentists all over the world. He has been successful in discovering the source of life force and presented a paper on it at the Mihijam Institute of Homoeopathy in 1980. Its various aspects were being worked out and were presented at Cultivation of Science at Kolkata. The discovery now explains how consciousness is generated, what makes the cells to work and why a living unicellular animal has the ability to think and react unlike the dead.

    Former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai, Late Prime Minister Narshimaha Rao, Late Air Marshal Subrata Mukherjee were Banerji's patients, to name a few. Apart from his proficiency in homoeopathy, he has also been working in the domain of physics, relating to life sciences.

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