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Six Fake Clinics Sealed by Officials in Salem

Six Siddha clinics where fake doctors were providing treatment to patients were sealed by officials here on Wednesday(20-04-2016).

Officials of the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council received information that those possessing fake certificates were providing treatment to patients.

A team led by Rajasekaran, registrar of the council; K. Selvamurthy, District Siddha Medical Officer, Salem and Namakkal districts; and members of the Tamil Nadu Government Siddha Medical Officers Association visited the clinics in Kottai, Ponammapet, Dadagapatti, Nethimedu and Jagir Ammapalayam. Inquiries revealed that practitioners were not qualified to treat patients.

Doctors said that according to the Medical Degrees Act, 1916, Indian Medical Central Council Act, 1970, and the Tamil Nadu Siddha System of Medicine Development and Registration of Practitioners Act, 1997, only a person who has registered himself will be allowed to practice Siddha.

In case of any complaints regarding fake practitioners, the council should inspect the clinics. Only, if the registrar lodged a complaint, the Health Department can initiate action.

These Sidha units were being operated by persons without proper certificates

Source: The Hindu

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