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    Central Sector Scheme for supporting CME in AYUSH - Guidelines

    The  scheme  of  Continuing  Medical  Education  (CME)  was  implemented  in  11th  Plan  and about  22,000  AYUSH  personnel  were  given  need-based  training.  The  target  in  12th  Plan  is to cover maximum number of AYUSH teachers, doctors, paramedicals and others personnel. There is  a  need  for  continuing  the  training  or  upgrading  their  professional  competence  &  skills and their capacity building. Emerging trends of healthcare and scientific outcomes necessitate time to  time  enhancement  of  professional  knowledge  of  teachers,  practitioners,  researchers  and other professionals.

    Purpose of Training to Teachers and Doctors:
    • To  encourage  AYUSH  professionals  to  undergo  need-based  professional  orientation  and professional skill development in an organized manner.
    • To  update  the  professional  knowledge  of  teachers  and  doctors  to  adopt  good  teaching practices and good clinical practices respectively.
    • To  encourage  the  use  of  Information  technology  and  web-based  education  programmes for widespread dissemination of AYUSH developments and updates.
    • To train doctors in emerging trends of healthcare and scientific outcomes for keeping up the standards to health care delivery.
    • To  provide  information  to  doctors  on  professional  journals  to  keep  them  professionally updated
    • To  encourage  AYUSH  paramedics  and  health  workers  to  undergo  periodical  training  for improving healthcare services in hospitals and dispensaries.
    • To  arrange  need-based  management  training  programmes  to  administrators  of  AYUSH institutions and hospitals on health aspects for delivering quality services.
    • To update regarding current trends in R & D activities for development of AYUSH systems and highlight the areas of research and avenues for collaborative activates.
    • To apprise regarding new Acts/ notifications and other information addressing regulatory issues in AYUSH systems

    Scheme Components:
    (I) CME programmes:
    • 6-days subject-/specialty-specific CME programme for AYUSH teachers.
    • 6-days  Orientation  Training  programme  (OTP)  of  AYUSH  systems  for  non-AYUSH doctors/scientists.
    • 6-days       specialized       training       for       AYUSH       Paramedics/       Health workers/Instructors/Therapists.
    • 3-days/5-day  training  in  Management/IT to  AYUSH  administrators/heads  of departments/institutions.
    • Theme-specific  6-days  CME  programme  for  AYUSH  medical  officers/practitioners or those deployed in stand-alone and co-located AYUSH facilities.
    • 6-day  Training  of  Trainers  programme  (ToT)  in  AYUSH  for  eligible  resource persons of CMEs.
    • 6-days OTP programme Yoga/Naturopathy training for AYUSH/allopathy doctors.
    • 6-days  CME for Yoga/Naturopathy Teachers of university departments, institutes of   repute   at   national   level   and   degree   colleges   conducting   courses   in Yoga/Naturopathy.
    • 6-days training programme in current trends in R&D, modern scientific advances &  technology  for  scientific  understanding  and  promotion  of  AYUSH  systems  for
    • AYUSH doctors/scientists.

    (II) Web-based (on-line) educational programmes:
    • Development of web-based training programmes in various AYUSH specialties.
    • Preparation, launch and running of web-based Peer Reviewed journals for up-to-date  education  and  research  developments  in  AYUSH  sector  for  up-gradation  of
    • professional knowledge.

    (III) Making available the lectures of CMEs in CDs/DVDs in AYUSH sector:
    • Preparation/Compilation  of  CDs/DVDs  on  lectures  delivered  at  various  CME programmes to facilitate distance learning of AYUSH for wider dissemination, and up-gradation of professional knowledge.
    (IV) Support to organizations having domain knowledge:
    • Organizations having domain knowledge like the National Institutes viz., Rashtriya Ayurveda  Vidyapeeth  and  others  and  universities/deemed  universities  and  reputed organizations will be supported for the benefit of AYUSH fraternity for the following:
    • To    develop    training    material,    courses,    modules,    CDs    and    structured programmes;
    • To design and develop innovative CME courses for AYUSH practitioners;
    • To    develop    IT    interface    (software)    for    use    of    AYUSH    systems    in teaching/practice;
    • To establish a special cell/chair in reputed universities for promotion of AYUSH systems and developing inter-disciplinary linkages. 
    • To  conduct  innovative  short  term  training  programme for  teachers  at  reputed AYUSH institutions on subjects as under-
             (i) Integrated protocols for clinical documentation and diagnosis,
             (ii) Statistical design for clinical trials based on holistic management,

    (V) Two-days National Level Workshops/ Conferences for CME:
    • National  level  workshops/  conferences  of  any  AYUSH  systems  can  be  organized  by reputed  organizations/Centres  of  Excellence  identified  by  Department  of  AYUSH.  Each such workshop/ conference shall focus on a particular specialty for imparting knowledge/skills/  best  practices  to  AYUSH/  Allopathic  practitioners.  The  concerned  host  institution shall make training/ boarding/ lodging arrangements for the participants and besides the above, payment of TA and honorarium to 8-10 resource persons.

    (VI) Financial  assistance  to  reputed  organizations/associations/forums  working  for  the promotion of AYUSH systems of medicine for holding 2-day subject-/specialty CME for 50 private practitioners.

    How to Apply:
    Application  for  seeking  grant  to  conduct  Continuing  Medical  Education  Programme  for teachers/doctors or other programmes is to be made, in the proforma given to-
    The Director (CME Scheme)                                 
    Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & FW, Govt. of India,
    AYUSH Bhawan,
    66, Punjabi Bagh (West), B-Block, GPO Complex,                                       
    INA, New Delhi-110 023. 

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