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    National Institute of Naturopathy to Organize Food Festival in Goa

    It is known that Omega 3 fatty acids is good for the heart. But the amazing qualities of this nutrient are lost if natural foods that it is found in — like coconut milk or flax seeds- are either boiled or roasted. Just how important locally-made foods are or how best to cook and store them will be showcased at a unique natural food festival organised by the National
    Institute of Naturopathy (NIN). For the first time, 18 naturopathy colleges from across the country will gather at Goa in January to give tips on how energy-efficient food can help in bringing down the carbon footprint.

    Pune-based NIN conducts its own food festival every year. However, what is different this time is that students at nature cure colleges from across states will come together for the first time and participate in the national natural food festival, Dr.Satya Lakshmi, Director of NIN told The Indian Express.

    While different ethnic and traditional delicacies from various states will be displayed at the national food fest, the meet, however, is more about how to choose food which is nutritious, tasty, healthy and sustainable, says Dr Satya Lakshmi.

    According to naturopathy , food is medicine and nutrition is an important subject at these colleges. Among some of the themes of the natural food festival include how to cook food without losing its nutritional value, how to store and preserve food, what are the good and bad combinations of food, when to eat and what not to eat, among others.

    The festival also aims at focusing on sustainable food cultivation and practices, says Dr.Satya Lakshmi. “Just one degree centigrade rise in temperature can result in food shortage, heat stress, more vector-borne diseases, depression and anxiety. It is important that our lifestyle in choosing foods that are locally grown will address many of these environmental factors and also social ones such as providing sustenance to the farmers and preventing suicides. Eating and choosing the right food is important today,” she stressed.

    Pune likiely to gets its own naturopathy college
    The NIN is an autonomous body under the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy). Located at the historical place called Bapu Bhavan (named after Mahatma Gandhi who stayed here for 156 days), it was also known as the nature cure clinic. Efforts have been consistently made to get its own naturopathy college and set up a hospital at the 25 acres land on the campus of the state-run Dr Bandorawala Leprosy hospital at Kondhwa. While NIN has renovated its own OPD building at Bapu Bhavan, Dr Satya Lakshmi said they were assured that funds have now been allocated for the naturopathy college and hospital. “We will get the funds soon,” she said, adding that it will be the first such naturopathy college in Maharashtra.

    Source: The Indian Express

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