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    Homoeopathy Thrives Despite Negative Campaigns - Dr.B.S.Rajasekharan

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The scathing attack on homoeopathy in recent times has made little impact on the practice in the state, said Dr.B.S.Rajasekharan, winner of the state award for the Best Homoeopathic Practitioner for 2014-15.

    “The statistics with the government and private practitioners show an upward trend. In fact, homoeopathy has proved itself as the most effective system of medicine in the control of epidemic outbreaks,” he said in an interview to the “Express”. Rajasekaharan serves as the medical officer at the Government Homoeo Dispensary at Nedumangad. He is also the nodal
    officer of the government’s Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell-Homoeopathy (RAECH).

    “The RAECH,formed in 2004,has responded to different types of epidemics like Malaria, Chikungunya and viral fevers. In 2007, an external study on our Chikungunya preventive programme in eight districts put the efficacy rate at 76 percent,” he said.

    Rajasekharan believed homeopathy has an edge over other medical systems in several areas like geriatric care. “Homoeopathy prescribes mild dosages with almost no side effects. The system has proven remedies for common ailments of the aged like diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, rheumatic complaints and more importantly, palliative care,” he said. Rajasekharan is credited with devising a community health programme in the state in 1999, much before the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) came into existence.

    “The one-year project was conducted in the Nanniyode grama panchayat in the capital. It was similar to the NRHM’s community reach out programme through accredited social health activists (ASHAs),” he noted. “The scheme had 380-odd beneficiaries spread in 11 wards of the panchayat. Five trained volunteers attended to the elderly in each ward,” Rajasekharan said. He then was working as the medical officer at the Nanniyode Government dispensary.

    Rajasekharan said homoeopathy has effective remedies for ailments affecting people of all ages, including lifestyle diseases. His wife Rekha N Gopan is the project consultant at the State Horticulture Mission.

    Source: The New Indian Express

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