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    Fifth Anniversary of Seethalayam celebrates Success of Homoeopathy Treatment

    Thiruvananthapuram: The fifth anniversary celebrations of ‘Seethalayam’, a project focusing on women’s health and infertility problems at Government Homoeo Hospital, East Fort, had three chief guests. Amaljith, Greeshma and Niharika, three of the 26 successful cases at the hospital’s infertility clinic, were too young to notice that they were being received like royalty on Thursday. 

    In the two years since its establishment, the infertility clinic has treated 260 patients, of which there were 26 reported pregnancies and eight child births. 

    The clinic was started two years ago as the doctors at ‘Seethalayam’ noticed that infertility was one of the prime medical issues faced by women. K.Jamuna, Director of Homoeopathy, said, “The issue affects women both physically and mentally, as they are held responsible for the issue.”

    Seethalayam, because of shortage of staff, has been functioning only once a week. Health Minister V.S.Sivakumar, inaugurating its fifth anniversary, said that the government will allot Rs 45 lakh to ensure that Seethalayam and its infertility clinic can work all through the week. 

    The hospital has various infrastructural limitations. District Panchayat president Ansajitha Russel, who presided over, said that the hospital had too little space to work with as the Homoeopathy Directorate and DMO office were located on the same campus. 

    In reply, the Minister said that the government plans to implement a Rs 17-crore project to build a new Homoeopathy Directorate building.Moreover, the Director’s office will be shifted to the Government Homoepathic Medical College campus, Iranimuttom, and Rs 6 crore has been allotted to the project.‘Sadgamaya’, a project which focuses on improving the physical and mental health of the youth through homoeopathy, was also inaugurated on the occasion. 

    District Collector Biju Prabhakar, Director of Homoeopathy K Jamuna and Seethalayam project in-charge Mary Bindu were present on the occasion. 

    The children, meanwhile, completely innocent of taking everyone’s eyes away from the podium, played on their parents’ lap. When they grow up, maybe their parents will tell them how they have a photograph with the ‘then’ Health Minister of Kerala in their family album.

    Source: The New Indian Express

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