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    AMMOI seeks parity in pay scales on par with Allopathy doctors in Kerala

    The former executive committee member of the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and general secretary of the Ayurveda Medical Manufacturers Organisation of India (AMMOI), Dr.D.Ramanathan appealed to the Government of Kerala and the new Pay Commission to raise the basic salary of the Ayurveda doctors and implement parity in their
    pay scales on par with allopathic doctors.

    He informed the Commission that the Ayurveda doctors in Kerala are losing a big amount per month in total pay scale, although they are equally qualified with the allopathic doctors. More than 400 doctors in the Ayurveda hospitals in the state are PG holders and they, during their graduation, spent more time for learning when compared to their counterparts in the modern system. Besides, the curriculum of BAMS includes chapters of modern medicine also. So, the pay scales and status of Ayurveda doctors should be made on par with the allopathic doctors.

    “This is a discrimination and violation of rights to equality under the constitution of India. When Ayush doctors in 14 states including Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra share equal status with allopathic doctors with respect to pay scales and other benefits, why is Kerala government keeping mum on this issue? This shows that state government follows a step-motherly attitude towards Ayurveda doctors”, he alleged.

    After submitting memorandum to the Pay Commission, Dr.Ramanathan told that the ayurvedic doctors association in Kerala had also made the same demand to the government many a time, but, despite so many requests and pressures, the government was keeping mum on the issue.

    Regarding parity issue, sources from the Siddha medical community in Tamil Nadu said there is equal pay scale for AYUSH and allopathic doctors in the state. But the promotion and increment benefits of the ISM physicians are not like those of modern doctors.

    According to Dr.Ramanathan the national health policy of India gives equal status to Indian systems of treatment and considers the health policy in a holistic manner. He said 40 per cent of the total revenue from tourism sector in Kerala is from Ayurveda sector and 680 manufacturing units pay an amount of Rs. 180 crore towards sales tax.

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