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    Actor Rajasekhar speaks about Homoeopathy

    Not many know that actor Rajasekhar is a good homoeopathy doctor. Talking about Ahuti Prasad, who died recently, Rajasekhar says, “I treated him for one month and he was feeling better. I don’t want to say that I could have saved his life, but I can try my level best to make people happy,” says the actor, showing us messages from Ahuti Prasad’s son Karthik about how
    his father was better after Rajasekhar’s treatment.

    The actor, however, says that he is not against allopathy or any other form of medicine. “For emergency I prefer allopathy medicine, which is still good… I believe that everything is curable in this world, but the only thing is that you have to have faith,” says the actor.

    “I joined films after I completed medicine. Director T. Krishna introduced me to films. While shooting I observed some swelling in his neck.

    After a few weeks I told him to go for a check-up and I took him to my professor. After biopsy we come to know that it was a very dangerous form of cancer. We took him to the world’s  specialists. But he survived for only one year after that,” he says.

    His sister’s father-in-law also died from liver cancer. “I was a chain smoker at that time and I got scared after seeing a few people die like this… But though I studied MBBS, I have done research on other medicines like Homoeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda and even Chinese medicine,” says the actor.

    From 1986 to 90 he studied different medicines till he felt that homoeopathy was the best. It was at that time that he stopped smoking.

    He has been practicing from the 90s and has quite a few patients. Popular actor Sai Kumar’s father P.J. Sharma was also treated by Rajasekhar. Even actor Dharmavarapu Subramnayam, who passed away last year, was treated by Rajasekhar.

    The actor, who always carries his medicines with him, is currently treating popular producer D. Rama Naidu whose health has improved a lot.

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