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    UYIR (The Soul) - by Dr.V.Senthil Kumar, MD(S)

    This Article is contributed by 
    Dr.V.Senthil Kumar, MD (S), 
    Sivaraj Siddha Medical College, Salem
    was translated in english by  
    V.Abirami, II BSMS, 
    Sivaraj Siddha Medical College, Salem.

    The thing that can able to loco mote, i.e., moving from one place to other place is known as living thing. The word Living is given by the presence of soul in the body. The living thing may be naked or dressed but they are functioned only through their soul.

    Tholkappier said ‘Soul can Sense’ that is the soul has an ability to feel. As Thirumoolar said ‘Soul is Intelligence’ and the sense can achieved only through Intelligence (Brain). This proves the presence of soul in living body.

    Due to unstable environment, changes in philosophy, time period, our body cells attain a final stage that is “Loss of Intelligence” and becomes a state of Non-living called “Death”. Leaving of soul from the body is a sign and not real.

    After death the soul stands alone before it gets disappeared with the five elements or the soul goes with the Paramapatham or the soul digs inside the soil until the God welcomes it. How can we believe these words?

    The above mentioned thoughts about soul are based on Thirumandhiram, Saiva Siddhandham, Panja Bootha Kotpadu. They are against vedhandham but they give many poetic ideas and modern aspects about soul.

    Since all the thoughts about soul are controversial, the soul alone repeatedly invades the other body until it gets destroyed.

    Soul can be classified based on their evolutionary relationship as 1st, 2nd, to 6th sense Living. The IQ of soul is given by its sense. (For more information refer ‘Tamil Illakkiya Ulagayutham’ by Prof.Nedunchezian).

    How the soul is formed? 
    The five elements at particular ratio in particular environment can form as a soul. This is given in Manimegalai as follows


    These lines from Manimegalai has given that the great five elements of their union gives sense. We get wine by mixing kattathi flower, Jaggery, Rice flour and fermenting it. Like this the five elements unite to form intelligence, spirituality and they get multiplied and separated to form special sense organs, that again unite with their specific bootham. In spite of their union, the single element cannot able to form a particular thing or character.

    In the same manner, the five elements is involved in the formation of the body along with the soul. And the soul does not enter the body from outside, but they are formed along with the body. This proves the words of Thirumoolar that the soul is “anathi”

    Formation of living body based on the five elements are given as

    • EARTH  – Bone , Skin, Muscle, Hair, Nerve
    • WATER  – Blood, Fat, Urine, Bone Marrow, Semen
    • FIRE       – Ego, Lazy, Mating, Panic, Sleep
    • AIR         – Running, Sitting, Walking, Standing
    • SPACE   – Love, Enemity, Lust, Diversity, Cunning thoughts.
    Elements like Earth and Water combines to form body structure, Fire and Space forms the Mind, the action of mind is carried by organs of Earth and Water.

    If the soul works based on air element then what is the meaning for the line “pitham adanginal perathe poividu” in our book. Air element has the character of wet and dryness. Like that heat and cold has its character of expansion and retraction. This cold or Kabham when increased in bed ridden patients leads to retraction of Vatham in them causing death.

    Pitham that stimulates the flow of Vatham in the patient’s body and in this stage the patients must be treated for their complete cure.

    From the above mentioned, it has been proved that soul has no definite size or shape. Then why Thirumoolar said “Soul is Atom Shaped”? He said, because to oppose the false statements in Vedhandham like Soul and Body are different, after death the soul enters the hell or heaven to enjoy their will.

    Is that the soul can be shared?
    To explain this,
    1. Take an air filled balloon and tie it in centre or it is twisted to form two balloons. If one side of the balloon gets punctured, the air is blown out. The other side remains with air. In the same manner if we cut one part of a body, the soul moves out in that part and in the unaffected part the soul remains.
    Example: In loss of limbs during any trauma, we survive, but after the limbs would not grow and become normal because there is reduced Earth element in the amputated region. 

    2. If the element Water is continuously supplied to the Air parts it would grow as a normal soul.
            Example: If the Star Fish or Earth Worm is cut into two it can grow, because of increased domination of Earth element in their entire body.

    3. Before the destruction of Earth element in the amputated region, if it is fixed together there is domination of earth elelement and they will be fused.
                Example: Principle of Healing in Fracture and Transplantation Surgery.

    4. Even though the Earth element is destroyed in the amputated area, the Water element is continuously supplied for the Earth element to grow.
                Example: In Trees – Rejuvenation of bark after when it is peeled
                                Growth of Lizard’s Tail when it is cut.

    From this we can understand that the soul can be shared.

    The Place of Soul:
                The Soul is occupied all over the body. Some body parts are its living place. And this place is known as ‘Amirtha Nilai’ or ‘Varma Point’. How the points are identified? If we give any pressure in that particular point will cause pain. If a person faints due any hit on the varma point, the same point gets heated and becomes palpitated. This is the place where the soul lives. Vatham helps in working, which causes the production of heat. This is the reason for heat and palpitation of varma point.

    As per our book, the dry ginger is chewed and blown in the ear or nose to stimulate the exposure of soul. The varma treatment also works based on this principle.

    It is not fatal when a cut or injury occurs in hand or leg because of the reparative action of the five elements. In contrast injury to head, neck, trunk can cause death, because of the combined occurrence of the elements in those regions.

    So there is a place for freezing areas of soul in our body.

    1. Soul is Subtl in nature and it has no shape but is sensible, forms and destroys with the body. After death it never goes to hell or heaven. 
    2. Soul can be shared. 
    3. There is a specific place for freezing the soul in our body.
    Thanks to KARPA AVIZHTHAM, July - 2012

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