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    Ks Homoeopathy
    KS Homeopathy offers the dimensions of the Indian System of Medicine and Homoeopathy in its pure and original essence to the students and Doctors of AYUSH system.

    These AYUSH system of Medical Sciences are priceless treasure of our Indian civilization and of serious value to scientific research as well. But its popularity is seen dwindling due to abnormal times and dire lack of acolyte. In these days of heavy stress and strain when modern urban materialistic age is at the pinnacle of its times, we have been given an opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with the much needed knowledge and turn a conscious eye to our AYUSH system of Medicine and its works.

    The advent of KS Homeopathy has begun with this ideal and object at heart. we offer learning opportunities to the budding medicos of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy earnestly inquisitive and longing to know more; to all those aspiring to delve deep to experience the pure and original Homoeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, and Unani. Dedicated to education and art of healing, all are welcome to participate and fall in step with us.

    KS Homeopathy commits itself in this honourable and responsible service to humanity by bringing forth the Reluctant Physicians belonging to the Indian System of Medicine and Homoeopathy, offers opportunity to them and the learners to attune to the path.

    Our aim is to render service to the masses and favour those dimensions of this vast knowledge and encourage an all round growth of AYUSH system by collecting and providing information from various sources at one place at the earliest. This may cut away most of the inessentials of today and lads us closer to ourselves.

    Evidently, we wish not to deviate from the true spirit of respective AYUSH system of medicine and invite all who have the spirit and courage to embark on this rather unconventional and no-nonsense path of leaving our acquired burdens of frivolous modernization behind.

    KS Homeopathy has become a unique journey, the path and the directions that we have to move in to acquire vast knowledge to the betterment of our AYUSH system and for the community

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